Managing Health Naturally, with Jarvis Health

Managing Health Naturally, with Jarvis Health

A new year is often the motivator we need to make positive changes to the way we live. One person who knows more than most about how to make those changes is Stacey Jarvis, our resident naturopath and healthy living expert from Jarvis Health.

Often presented with clients who are questioning why repeated illness or fatigue are present in their lives, she uses a combination of diet guidance and naturopathic medication to help get them back on track...

“Common complaints are low energy, digestive concerns, stress, depression and anxiety. It is so important for our mental well-being that these physical problems are resolved in the most natural way possible. People must be able to trust their health to live a well life.”

An ‘evidence-based clinic’ Jarvis Health focusses on going beyond the surface, digging deep to get the answers needed to improve health and resolve individual complaints.

Stacey’s practice has been operating in Devonport for 23 years and we asked her what are some of the things that she loves about living and working in Auckland’s heritage village.

Where’s do you go for your favourite coffee? Just about anywhere, although I do have a soft spot for local coffee roasters Chiasso.
What’s your favourite Devonport beach? Cheltenham – awesome swimming at high tide and wonderful for walking dogs in the dusk.
What does your perfect Devonport evening look like? A relaxed meal at Corelli’s followed by a long walk with my girls. We have two scrummy rottweillers – they know how to enjoy life!
Why did you choose Devonport for your business? I’d finished studying in 1994 and soon after discovered Devonport. I fell in love with the warm community and knew that this was the place.