Reformed by Devonport Physio & Pilates

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Reformed by Devonport Physio & Pilates

Sarah Metcalf is our resident physio and pilates guru who owns Devonport Physio & Pilates on Wynyard Street. We don’t just love her for her commitment to physical wellness, we also love her for nailing the super mum gig – because when she’s not busy getting the bodies of her clients into line, she’ll be getting her own three little loves (including 2 year old twins!) straightened out. We ask Sarah a few nosy questions to find out what her business is all about…


Sarah, tell us a little bit about you and your business:

I am a physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, director of Devonport Physio & Pilates, and a mum of 3!  I established my business because I love helping people, that’s what really makes me tick. Understanding someone’s injury or condition and their biomechanics, getting to the route cause of an injury, assisting a client in their repair phase, reducing their pain, improving their function and getting them back on track to being a fit and healthy version of themselves - that is what I’m all about.  Our Physio’s and our Pilates instructors at Devonport Physiotherapy and Pilates live by the same ethos.

What would you say are the real benefits to doing pilates over other types of strength and fitness training?

There are so many different options of strength and fitness training. I recommend a combination. Combining cardiovascular exercise with Pilates is a recipe made in heaven. Pilates moves you. It moves ALL of you. Remember that stiff knee, that old back injury, the dodgy Achilles, that crunchy shoulder? Well, Pilates will address all that mobility. It strengthens your entire body too - yes particularly those deep intrinsic core muscles which help to support us and reduce things like lower back pain and improve our posture - but also your other muscles, the big movers and shakers.  It’s true, the more you do the better, for toning your body. But here is the thing.... it’s actually not that hard — anyone can do it —AND it’s fun. Now, don’t worry we can make harder (and we do after you have been a few times) so much so that we have competitive cyclists, dancers and world master athletes who choose to train with us.

What’s the most common reason people see you?

The most common reason people see us, first of all is because someone recommended us. I couldn’t pick a specific injury, but certainly low back pain, neck pain, shoulder and knee pain are probably all high on the most common ailment list. People also come to us when they know they want a long-term solution and when they know they want to get active again. Pilates is a great way to rehabilitate - and the more you do the more challenging it can become.

What’s one thing you wish more people did to prevent injury?

Pilates obviously...have I converted you yet? But the other big thing is: do something about your injury earlier. Often the longer you leave something the harder it is to fix.

Tell us about your classes, how many people, how long are they, and how many do you offer each week?

We run reformer and matt classes in our lovely air-conditioned space. Our reformer classes can have up to 6 people. Our mat classes can have up to 8 people. So you get a lot of contact with your instructor, we will correct your form and ensure you are moving well and doing it correctly. This IS Pilates - not just exercise on a mat or on a reformer. Classes are 55 minute duration. We have 13 classes scheduled each week from Monday - Saturday, starting with 7am and finishing with 7.15pm.

Do you have to be fit or strong to use the reformer?

No, not at all. It can help and maybe you will progress a bit faster. BUT, beginners can start at any fitness or strength level and build from there. You can alter the resistance on the reformer to suit you. The stronger you get: the more we can prescribe advanced exercises, increase the resistance and the repetitions.

Do you do introductory offers or one-on- ones?

Yes and yes! The best way to start reformer Pilates is with a starter pack, which includes 3 one on ones and then 5 classes. If you want to try out a mat class - just get in touch with us and you can try your first one for free.

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