Rise and Grind Sunshine: Surviving Winter with Chiasso


Rise & Grind Sunshine: Surviving Winter with Chiasso

There's nothing better than a daily coffee meme to warm the heart on the way to work each morning, other than an actual coffee, of course. For many, coffee is an undisputed daily ritual that helps those of us with weary limbs spring forth into life like a kid with a crush, ready to see what the day brings. In Devonport, we're particularly spoilt when it comes to the daily grind as we boast our very own coffee roastery, Chiasso. This family business has been defusing the daily stress of many for over 20 years and we think this qualifies them for a Knighthood... Sir Chiasso. It has a ring. 

Meet Jaime & Jono of Chiasso...

  • So, tell us a little about who you are and what you do in Devonport. Hi, we're Jaime and Jono, owners of Chiasso Coffee Roasters Devonport. Chiasso Coffee Roasters is a family owned business. We have been roasting coffee in Auckland for over 20 years and supply our fresh roasted coffee to some of New Zealand's leading cafes. Our state of the art coffee roaster was hand built to our specifications in Italy. We take pride in producing consistently exceptional coffee in a roastery that is one of New Zealand's most technologically advanced. We select coffee beans from the world's foremost growing regions and skillfully blend these together so that you can taste the difference in every cup. 


  • What makes your business unique? We take pride in the quality and service to our loyal customers. Our 20 years of knowledge of the wonderful coffee bean has given us the expertise to produce some blends that we are very proud of. We try to be innovative and love coming up with new blends for our customers to try. Alongside our premium coffee we also have a nitro cold brew which is a cold coffee infused with nitrogen. It's super creamy and smooth. Some of our blends are also certified organic by BioGro New Zealand. 


  • Why did you guys choose Devonport as a place to set up a coffee roastery? Our family grew up in Devonport and it just seemed like the perfect place to setup a Roastery, especially with Devonport's wonderful community and the village feel. There have been changes throughout the years including moving our roasting operation to Sunnybrae Rd but the heart and soul of our business remains in Devonport.


  • How far do your beans go? Where in NZ is the most remote place we can buy a Chiasso coffee? We ship anywhere in NZ! We also have some international customers and we export beans as far afield as the Netherlands.


  • Tell us what a standard day at Chiasso looks like. There's a few people involved in our standard day, but typically it looks like this: It is pretty busy in the morning's getting orders out to our cafe customers as well as serving espresso from our shop. We will be roasting coffee, packing boxes and taking phone calls. It could be solving issues with our customer coffee machines. We could also be visiting customers, tasting new coffee, as well as the admin involved with running a business - accounts, marketing etc.


  • It’s winter – tell us how to spend a happy winter’s day in Devonport. Coffee...lots of coffee. Maybe a cold brew if the sun's out in the afternoon! 😊


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