Winter Wellness with Village Chiropractic


Winter Wellness with Village Chiropractic

Sometimes it feels like our bodies are telling us to hibernate in winter, and whilst the mind keeps going, our bodies often want to call it a day for a month or two. Devonport’s Village Chiropractic has been keeping families well for seven and a half years, helping all ages maintain strength and mobility and ensuring our bodies treat us with devotion through the colder months.

Originally sited in the Arcade, Village Chiropractic recently moved to 11 Clarence Street, on the Wynyard side, directly above pavilion Architecture. The team consists of Dr Adrian Stocco who has been in practice for 10 years following his training at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and Tess France, Chiropractic Assistant, Naturopath, herbalist and mother. The two of them make a formidable team when faced against poor physical health in their clients, working together to ensure bodies and minds thrive.

We asked Tess and Adrian a few things about maintaining wellness in winter.

What are the things you notice about the functionality of people’s bodies in winter? How does winter affect our bodies?

Health becomes a priority for a lot of people during winter, we haven’t quite worked out why, perhaps it’s the weather, or less social events, or maybe it’s simply a time where we have an inward focus and ‘take stock.’ Not everyone is the same though, as some people thrive during the colder months, whilst others crash. Essentially it’s all relative to how “adaptable” to life’s stressors we are, that dictate one’s health response during winter.

What’s your best advice for keeping on top of winter blues? What do you suggest we do to stay well?

Everyday we are exposed to stressors that may be physical (poor posture, sitting and driving), chemical (dietary sugar, processed foods, drugs or mental/emotional - work/family/financial stress. Minimising stress on the nervous system is key to keeping at our best throughout winter.
Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system. Many find getting checked by a Chiropractor can help to keep on top of the winter ‘blues’.
A healthy diet (rich in raw veg, protein, probiotics and healthy fats), adequate water intake and exercise, good quality sleep and a warm, dry home all support our bodies innate ability to operate at its best.

Don’t underestimate a brisk walk on a sunny winters day; all that fresh air, sunlight (vitamin D) and exercise continue to benefit us later in the form of better concentration, elevated mood and sound sleep!

You guys have been operating in Devonport for a while, and have seen a few winters here. Describe the best way to spend a winter’s day in Devonport?

Adrian - I Love going for a run along King Edwards Parade on a clear, crisp winters day. Some days I really don’t feel like It however afterwards I feel very recharged.
Tess – I’m always inspired by the majestic Pohutakawa trees all around our waterfront and I can’t go past the library if I have some time to spare, always warm and inviting.

What’s your favourite fact you like to share with your clients that they should know but never seem to?

Mental or emotional stress (thoughts) may be one of the main drivers for your physical problems.


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