Simon gives Zero Waste Devonport a Pure Advantage

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Simon Gives Zero Waste Devonport a Pure Advantage

The current Zero Waste Devonport movement within the community began when a single person posted images on social media of waste created from a Lion’s Game in 2017 that was strewn around Devonport. As it happens, that single person, Simon Millar, is the Executive Director of Pure, a not-for-profit that investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth in New Zealand. With a Board of Trustees that includes Sir Stephen Tindall, Sir Mark Solomon and Philipp Mills (of Les Mills) Pure Advantage is a formidable force and resonating voice in the Nation-wide environmental movement.

Established in 2011, Pure Advantage’s first phase of work looked at green growth opportunities for our country and made the case for New Zealand joining the global “green race.” Producing solutions-focused content and targeted research, Pure Advantage plays a lead facilitation role in a range of campaigns and discussions that articulate New Zealand’s key advantages in the transitions towards a net zero carbon future.

“The picture of success,” Simon says, “would be a systems change in design in NZ from consumer behaviour to industry practices, processes, and policy. For example, in a circular economy, waste is designed out or made useful from the beginning - all inputs are a resource.” He proposes that for individuals and businesses to change their own relationship to waste they could ask questions, set goals and then make step changes towards those goals. There’s plenty of help out there, whether it be through organizations like WasteMinz, Auckland Council, Central Government and now our own network in our local Zero Waste group.

And what came from those photos of waste Simon posted to social media? They led to a robust discussion and connections to other local professionals and ultimately the establishment of a localised community group who now work collaboratively towards a Zero Waste Devonport. Over 100 strong, it is comprised of business owners, residents, community organisations, local politicians and influencers, together advocating for change, expressing their concerns to local businesses and leading projects that have measurable outcomes.