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Zero Waste Devonport (ZWD) is a community driven initiative to support and implement the ultimate goal of being zero waste. We live in a take, make, waste (linear) society; a model that has been proven unsustainable for our planet and for us. Zero Waste Devonport works with key stakeholders to develop and enhance Devonport’s status as a leader in the Zero Waste opportunity.

Devonport was a leader four decades ago with the first comprehensive recycling programme in the country which gave householders a kerbside collection of specified recyclables; depot collections of bulky items; promotion of home composting and the provision of large scale composting for heavy section garden waste.

The Zero waste Devonport group has been convened by local experts and enthusiasts aiming to rekindle the Devonport spirit and     build new initiatives that range from improving public sector recycling to replacing one-trip plastic packaging. The Devonport Community is engaged and are mobilised, making positive changes, moving Devonport towards zero waste. 



Businesses in Devonport, and residents of the peninsula are lucky indeed that there's a community recycling centre who can help manage the following waste streams:

  • Cardboard boxes and packaging.
  • Glass
  • Food waste from restaurants and cafes. 
  • Compostable packaging

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