Devonport's First Fleet of Electric Vehicles - Segway Tours!


Devonport's First Fleet of Electric Vehicles - Segway Tours


Pauline Baker, owner and operator of Magic Broomstick Tours, has been gliding around Devonport since 2008, leading groups on Segway Personal Transporters. If you've always had a Segway ride on your list of things to do, then now's the chance to take up an Auckland locals 15% off tours this spring.

We talk to Pauline about her business and why you need to get your family down here and take them for a spin…

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Simon gives Zero Waste Devonport a Pure Advantage

Simon Millar headshot41730


Simon Gives Zero Waste Devonport a Pure Advantage

The current Zero Waste Devonport movement within the community began when a single person posted images on social media of waste created from a Lion’s Game in 2017 that was strewn around Devonport. As it happens, that single person, Simon Millar, is the Executive Director of Pure, a not-for-profit that investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth in New Zealand. With a Board of Trustees that includes Sir Stephen Tindall, Sir Mark Solomon and Philipp Mills (of Les Mills) Pure Advantage is a formidable force and resonating voice in the Nation-wide environmental movement.

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Brolly Sheets Business Born with a Bump to the Head...

brolly sheets

Brolly Sheets Business Born with a Bump to the Head

For those of you with little people out there, you will be familiar with the early morning bed stripping stage following the dogged pursuit of potty training. It was this challenge that gave Diane Hurford a lightbulb moment 12 years ago and Brolly Sheets was born. Initially providing big solutions for wee problems, Brolly Sheets now produces items for all ages where waterproofing is what’s needed.

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This is Level One HQ - Possibly Auckland's best Collaborative Workspace

Level One June 201730694


When a Kayak to the Office is a thing:

This is Level One - Possibly Auckland's best Collaborative Workspace

Residents at Level One HQ above the ticket office on the Devonport wharf could be forgiven for spending their days staring out the window. They occupy one of the best work spaces in the whole of Auckland, with its sweeping north-facing views of the harbour and the gentle nudge of the ferry against the wharf piles to remind them when it’s time to take the 30-second trip from desk to boat to make the short journey across to the city.

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Listen in, it's FLEA


Listen In, It's FLEA

One of the markers of a great little community is a great local radio station. We all know that Devonport is exactly that, and if you tune into 88.2FM, you’ll be listening to The Flea, our great local station. John Grant is the Station Manager, and Program Director Muzza is a veritable radio legend. And guess what, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get involved, so tune in people…

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